Lot Sa Funs Tru Rhinestone Rebel      AMHA / AMHR        

              March 29,  2006  Silver Bay Homozgous Pinto - Lab Tested        32.50"

              Sire: Sugar Creeks Tru Luvs Flamboyant / AMHR National Top Ten Driving Champion

              Dam: Lot Sa Fun Wonders With Tha Legacy



               Lot Sa Funs Tru Wonders Replica Royale  

                           May 01, 2007         Solid  Black  --  31.50"                                  AMHR/AMHA

                       Sire: Flabys Wonderman

                      Dam: Tiny Heartbeats Summer Mystery / National Champion - Get of Sire 

                      A solid black stallion with a gorgeous head and neck, he looks a lot like his sire>



              WLM  Whispering Red Leaf Eagle      AMHR               March 23, 2006   Sorrel Pinto-Overo  / Blue Eyes    33.50"

                  Sire: LTD'S White Eagle

                  Dam: LTD'S Foxy Roxy



             J&L'S  Smokin Valley Comanche        AMHR / PtHA

                   July 25, 1995   Bay Tobiano      35.50"

                   Sire: Patch-E-Cheif

                   Dam: J&L'S Smokin Valley Peaches

                      Magic Mans Count Me In          AMHR        

                       May 06, 2005   Black and White Overo Pinto with Blue Eyes  

                                          LWO Positive Black Overo              36.00"

                Sire:  LTD'S Magic Man  (HOF)

               Dam:  Kahoka Sorrel Snip        

               National Champion in Multi-Color  /  At the Nationals in 2014

               AMHR National Top Ten in 2011

               National Champion in Multi-Color / Multiple Top Ten Halter in 2008


Deven Creek Wa-Full Of Snip's Gold           ASPC/AMHR

                            June 01, 2014     Sorrel Roan  with Flaxen Mane and Tail     -- 32.50"

                            Sire:  Wa-Full Bud's Sweet Snip          

                             Dam:  Buckeye WCF Christy Steel





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